*No pop or sugar drinks (1 weekly point)
*Excercise 30 min. + 5 times a week unless health problem (1 wp)
*1 serving of a treat a week (2wp)
*If you stay in your goal calories and work out for the day, you may earn yourself one serving of a treat that doesn't count against you.
*5 fruits and/or veggies a day (1wp)
*No white bread (1 wp)
*No deep fried food (1 wp)
*Holidays don't really count
Bonus Points:
No white flour for the week (1wp)
Exercise more than 5times (1wp)

7 weekly points total. Could earn 9.

Think Skinny.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some thoughts

-I tried to go to the gym for a 6am step class. I was way excited to get my work out done early and not have to take Annie (she's been having a hard time there). About a half hour into it I started to feel really lightheaded. I decided to just keep going. Then I almost puked and left. I came home and still had time to sleep. When I woke up I was fine and did a yoga DVD. I have to figure out what went wrong... maybe because I didn't eat first? Does working out to early ever make you feel sick (this is the first time I've ever worked out this early).

-I had a bad dinner on Sunday. Or a really good dinner, however you want to look at it. Megan and Joseph made us biscuts and sausage gravy and I made brownies. Bad me. But other then that things are going well and I need to lose 9 lbs. to get to prebaby weight. I'm really liking this diet because I don't have to think about what to make.

-I've been taking my vitamins everyday.

-Some days I feel like I'm improving so much working out and some days I don't know where my energy goes. It's weird.

-That's all. Except I'm getting REALLY baby hungry.

Monday, January 9, 2012

And so it begins!

I'm doing the 12 week live the life diet and I joined the biggest loser 12 week program at my gym. They made me take a pic in my sports bra and I was supposed to try to look extra fat, being that you are judged on before and after appearance and not on weight loss. Day 4 of my diet today and I've been perfect! On Thurs. I'll weight in and report. I drink tons of water and feel like all I do all day is pee. So far this hasn't been too hard for me, I'm actually loving it. Jake came over yesterday and I made cookies and white rolls without even snitching!

So points start today. Call me because I think we might want to switch up the point system being that we are both on different specific diets. Should the prize be a care package? I like those. :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Its begining to look a lot like New Years

So it that time of year, when Im motivated to lose weight again (wait isnt that all the time).  My ultimate goal for this year is to be in the 130's.  Happy to say I didnt gain over Christmas but did over New Years.  Jan 2 put me at 161.5.  Possibly a little high since I ate a ton of rich salty foods the day before but it is what it is.  My doctor has recommended the South Beach Diet, for my liver problems.   Since I was not obese (and dont drink alcohol) and still technically within a healthy weight for my height (5'9) having a fatty liver means I need to lose a bunch of weight to make a difference.  He said to do it slowly not exceeding 2 lbs per week.  However in the South Beach Diet Phase One you are supposed to loose UP to 4 lbs a week.  So if the Doc said so, Im giving it a try.  I started on Jan 4.  I tried to do so on the 2nd but ended up eating way to much Christmas chocolate so buy the 4th I was feeling more motivated.  The morning of the 5th I weighed the same so a little depressing but it had only been one day so I shouldn't have expected anything.  Two days ago I was 157.5 and I was pretty excited.  Today I weighed in at 158.5.  The last two days have been rough.  I generally adhered to the diet but found myself away from home in Doctors offices (my baby broke her leg) or at phone stores figuring out a new plan.  By the night I was so wiped out from crying/frustrated baby that I may have snacked on trail mix and real bacon and then popcorn and cheddar cheese the next night.  Not awful cheats but not good nevertheless.  Today I'm not going to cheat at all.  I still have lost 3 lbs and it hasn't been a week yet!  YAY for me.  I've also been working out.  I find dieting impossible without working out.  It makes me want to consume healthier options and gives my motivation as well as energy.  I just finished the 3 week of the Couch to 5k plan and did the fist thing on 30 day shred which was pretty hard for me.  My workout goals for next week are:  1: work out 5 times   2: yoga at least once  3: complete week 4 for C25K  4: do 30d shred once more this week.  I feel I can definitely do these even though I  have a injured child.  I'll go to the gym early before they wake up.  I also need to drink more water.  I usually consume lots of fruit throughout the day but cant due to Phase one on the diet plan so Im feeling more dehydrated than usual.  I'll get my pitcher and fill it up and drink it all in a day so Im sure to get  the fluid I need.  I also am going to keep track of my calories on since I'm curious to know how much Im getting and do not want to drop below 1700.  Well these are my goals for next week and writing them will hopefully make them more likely to happen.  Fattikiss:  are we still doing the points and what should our prize be??  Starting on monday right?
Oh and I took some awful "before" pictures in a bikini that was too small.  Love having a child that is too young to judge but old enough to work a camera.  I also took measurements so I can compare on a monthly basis.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

so Im at 5 again..... and some weight gain.  can I blame the steriods?

Friday, September 16, 2011


I decided I needed to step it up a notch.
And guess what?
In 1 week I lost 3 solid pounds ( I fluctuate so much, so maybe more… but at least3).
I haven't had any messups on my diet yet and haven't had my treat yet.
I keep a calendar above my scale and weigh myself in the morning and on the square the day before I right what I did good or bad. I really like it. I also have my goals on it.

I like what you and Seth figured. I haven't been eating after 7 and I feel really good about it. Plus, I've been trying the liquid protein and you are not supposed to eat anything 3 hours before you take it.

My one problem is I have been drraaaaagging myself to work out. I don't know why I have no motivation there, I always feel so much better once I do. I didn't work out Monday so I have to work out tomorrow.

I think I'm going to save my treat and make one of my yummy fall goodies I've found on pinterest. If I start doing stuff on there maybe I'll feel better about being on there :).

And I think that's it. Love, Fatakiss

Husband and I's mathmatical discussion about my night snacking.

A little disturbing but inspiring at the same time.  The husband and I came up with this one

One 300 cal treat at the end of the day (I like one once the kids are in bed) if you only did this 5 days a week  it would be 78,000 extra calories  for the year.

If you stopped eating for one month and one week (39 days)  you would save 78,000 calories.

If you ran at 5mph (12 minute mile) for 2 miles that's 313 calories.  That is 249.2 times a year you would have to run two miles to burn up 78,000 calories.

Seriously need to just stop eating at night.

Monday, September 12, 2011


The competition is on! I had minus 2 too. -1 for workouts and another one for a treat. 5 total.